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How do you want to live?
All the ideas and understanding you may have about a healthy lifestyle will mean nothing unless they are incorporated into healthy habits.

One must develop healthy eating and exercise habits as well as getting adequate sleep, decreased daily stress and have an environment that supports that lifestyle.

It is Scott Henry’s Holistic Zone’s goal to help you develop and maintain these healthy habits by giving you the tools with which to work and a good support system.

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Isa’s Story: For years I have minimized my story because I know there are others less fortunate.  I believed that in my strength, I would “plow through” and move forward.  However, I am now embracing my journey… My entire journey… as my story may offer hope to others.

In March of 1999 I had a large tumor surgically removed from my brain stem.  I had exhibited neurological and motor loss symptoms prior to my diagnosis.  The surgery resulted in permanent hearing loss on my left side and a paralyzed facial nerve.  The recovery was long and painful.   

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The Zone has expanded its focus to include all of the Pilar’s of healthy habits by introducing new health advocates each week. Please check back often as we continue to grow.

July 5th: Tuesday’s with Monte:
Do you want to sleep better, have better digestion, more energy, endurance and anti age better?

July 18th:  Monday with Dr. Janet’s Cline:
New products for a healthy lifestyle…

July 19th:  Tuesday with Dr. Brett Brimhall:
Activate, restore and maintain collagen…

Tip of the Week:

Hundreds of studies show that our health improves if we adopt a healthy lifestyle, and better health improves all areas of our life within our overall wellbeing. One is more likely to enjoy their job, be successful financially, have healthier relationships with family and friends, and be spiritually and mentally sound.

Changing lifelong habits is not easy. It take effort and can be stressful. Here at Scott Henry’s Holistic Zone, we are prepared to help you along the way with health tips and products that will help you achieve a Healthier Lifestyle.

Product of the Month:

TrueScience® Liquid Collagen

Activate. Replenish. Maintain.
Get clinically shown results from a delicious collagen supplement that supports firmness and elasticity for healthy, glowing skin from within.

Get the Glow:
Get glowing, gorgeous skin with a daily boost of collagen and activating botanicals. The proprietary ingredients in this delicious blend have been clinically shown to deliver visible support to skin health and hydration in 8 weeks or less. Your skin looks smoother, softer, and more even, with improved elasticity. 


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"I had the opportunity to experience the PEMF due to my back discomfort. I met Scott and he invited me to a five day challenge at his office. Thank God I did because it really helped me and now I use it on a regular basis. Now I am not experiencing back discomfort and I would recommend it highly to anyone with any body discomforts..."
~Dave R.
"I sought out Monte at Scott Henry’s Holistic Zone when I developed a very large hematoma on my face after surgery.  I received PEMF treatments every other day for three weeks and the response was tremendous.  I was no longer embarrassed to be seen in public..."
~Lusanne W.

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