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A trusted source for game-changing, life uplifting products. From pulse electromagnetic therapeutic devices (PEMF) to completely toxin-free products of all types (Pure Haven) we can help you live a healthier, more holistic, and pain-free lifestyle. Join millions of people across the world who have discovered the many benefits of living clean, removing toxins, and incorporating PEMF (Pulse Electromagnetic Frequency) technology into their day to day lives.

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"I had the opportunity to experience the PEMF due to my back discomfort. I met Scott and he invited me to a five day challenge at his office. Thank God I did because it really helped me and now I use it on a regular basis. Now I am not experiencing back discomfort and I would recommend it highly to anyone with any body discomforts..."
~Dave R.
"I sought out Monte at Scott Henry’s Holistic Zone when I developed a very large hematoma on my face after surgery.  I received PEMF treatments every other day for three weeks and the response was tremendous.  I was no longer embarrassed to be seen in public..."
~Lusanne W.

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