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For years I have minimized my story because I know there are others less fortunate.  I believed that in my strength, I would “plow through” and move forward.  However, I am now embracing my journey… My entire journey… as my story may offer hope to others.

In March of 1999 I had a large tumor surgically removed from my brain stem.  I had exhibited neurological and motor loss symptoms prior to my diagnosis.  The surgery resulted in permanent hearing loss on my left side and a paralyzed facial nerve.  The recovery was long and painful.    In May of 2001 another tumor was discovered on my left kidney, resulting in a partial resection at The Mayo Clinic.

After two failed pregnancies in 2008  a large tumor was discovered in my pelvis.  After it was removed I gave birth to a healthy, beautiful baby girl in 2010 at the age of almost 42.

Jumping forward to June of this year, after experiencing a lot of pain while teaching yoga, an 8cm tumor was discovered in my pelvis.  I also had several fibroids.  I was scheduled for a full hysterectomy on July 12.   On July 2, I met Marisa Maggio-Harelson for lunch to discuss her business.  Marisa had introduced me to this company three and a half years ago, but I was not “ready”.  After I told her of my upcoming surgery and my extreme trepidation, Marisa pulled out a bottle of “little yellow pills” (5 herbs) and instructed me to take one.

She gifted me the bottle and I took one every day.  The day before the scheduled surgery, I went to my beloved doctor who had removed the tumor before I had my daughter.  The date was July 11.  The tumor now measured 4 cm.  I cancelled the surgery and started taking two “little yellow pills” per day to aid in the swelling and inflammation I was experiencing.  Last week I went for a follow up ultrasound.  The same growth now measured .16cm.  There are no fibroids.

For so long, I lived with an uncertainty… Any pain left a question in my mind of a new mass.  I now feel confident that I can thrive in the way I know I am here to.  My dreams are big.  My life is precious.🙏🏻💜 #nrf2totherescue

A fantastic testimonial about adorable Alana (shared by her loving mother, Makala):

Our five year old daughter, Alana, has Lyme disease. or had…she hasn’t shown any signs of the disease after starting treatment. After learning that antibiotics (common treatment for Lyme) could, not only worsen the disease for her later in life, but this could cause the lyme bacteria to morph into a spirochete and burrow into her connective tissues. We knew we had to seek other treatment options. She has been on a regimen of some natural detox and gut health supplements, but the most important things we have been giving her are NRF2 & NRF1 👏🏻 In Lyme Disease, Mitochondrial function is compromised by toxicity and because mitochondria exist in every cell in our bodies, all of our systems are stressed by Lyme disease, which decreases mitochondrial function.

In chronic infection states like Lyme, the cell’s Glutathione levels eventually become too low trying to keep up with mitochondria and cells become injured by Lyme germs and the confections.

Filling up a cell’s glutathione gas tank can help cells repair and recover, esp. nerve cells!

Doctors also believe Alana has some form of autism, but cannot “test” her yet because she is non verbal. The presence of Autism is studied to be directly related to the presence of toxic heavy metals from vaccines. We believe Alana may have autism, as a result of Encephalitis from vaccine(s). Adults and children with autism or heavy metal toxicity have damaged cells, low glutathione and decreased Mitochondria.

Within a few weeks of Alana being Nrf2 & NrF1 activated, not only was she showing NO signs of the Lyme Disease, but she started progressing with speech, movement (less odd movement), eye contact and coordination. We are SO blessed to be apart of something that is SO much bigger than we are! Pretty much EVERY disease and illness is caused by oxidative stress, which damages the cells and their function.


To the Parents of Luke:
Luke has been a great student so far this year! He is a student who is always smiling and likes to joke around. I like his sense of humor! I know he is going to accomplish great things this year! He has been working hard! Keep it up Luke! ~Mrs. M. (Luke’s Teacher)

  • AP US Govt & Po: 92 (S): (Period 01)
  • Guitar I: 100 (S): (Period 02)
  • AP Calculus: 100 (S): (Period 03)
  • AP Environ Scie: 100 (S): (Period 04
  • Spanish II: 92 (S): Period 05
  • AP English IV: 90 (S) Period 06
  • College Biology: 100 (S) (Period 07)
  • Eng Dsg Prob: 100 (S) (Period 08)

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