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Episode Description:
In today’s episode, we will discuss a different way to heal our body and mind with a revolutionary machine called Bemer. This device helps improve blood flow through the capillary network. It Is also a patented electro/magnetic field that delivers a bio-rhythmically defined therapeutic signal that supports vasomotion to promote the distribution of blood. This machine will help you with energy, less discomfort, more stamina, better sleep, better sports performance, stress reduction, enhanced nutrient, and oxygen supply, waste disposal, muscle stimulation, vitality, and feeling younger.

Who is Scott Henry?
The founder and creator of Holistic Zone Scott Henry is passionate about health & wellness issues and is the founder of Scott Henry’s Holistic Zone. He has been a recognized speaker and educator on health, wellness, and sports subjects. He focuses on living and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Scott can be reached by email at: or at

Who is is Monte Nikkel?
Monte Nikkel is passionate about teaching wellness to anyone who will listen. She has retired forty years as a nurse, nurse practitioner, and nursing educator. She was also a career Army officer retiring as a Lieutenant Colonel. Monte joined Scott Henry’s Holistic Zone in May 2019 and has been educating clients about health and wellness practices in person and on social media. Monte can be contacted at

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