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“We were blessed to enjoy the PEMF mat in our home for a month. We didn’t know what to expect, but the results was life changing to say the least. From the beginning we noticed subtle changes in our energy levels, posture and overall well- being . It quickly became the most popular ‘chair’ in the house. Even our dogs took notice, whenever the PEMF was in use. (I think they could sense the healing vibes) I had an increase in energy after my morning session, and experienced deep relaxation at night. My husband notice better posture and circulation leading to increased flexibility and muscle pliability . We would highly recommend this devise to anyone who wants to feel better, enjoy deep restorative sleep, improve micro circulation and better their overall health and wellness.”
Sandi & Fred K.
“Using the PRMF mat for 30 days was an incredible experience. It helped me sleep better and aided in my sports performance and muscle recovery. A totally remarkable device!”
Trevor K. (Age 17)

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