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BEMER 8 Minute Story:

BEMER is an FDA registered consumer medical device that, during an 8-minute session, sends a low level electromagnetic field throughout the body in order to safely increase blood flow, resulting in better disbursement of oxygen and nutrients throughout the body while eliminating waste.

BEMER > An 8-minute Story about Microcirculation:

Microcirculation is actually much too small to see. Or is it? In this video you can see with your own eyes how BEMER works and how vascular therapy can improve blood flow. Doctors and experts explain the key interrelationships in the human body and provide an in-depth demonstration of how the small and smallest blood vessels in our bodies work, how microcirculation deteriorates during our life &  what consequences this can have, and why BEMER is an effective treatment option for many diseases.

Meet BEMER Ambassador Brook Burke:

Meet BEMER Ambassador Brooke Burke: TV Host, Model, Fitness Guru, Mother of Four & Cancer Survivor. Her passion for fitness, health & wellness have been fundamental in balancing her family with a thriving career. Amidst health issues, she has always stood by her steadfast commitment to holistic health and self care. Since discovering BEMER, Brooke has begun exploring new ways to maintain her dedication to natural health and wellness and enjoying.

Mind + Body + Skin:

Day 8: Mind + Body + Skin Training Video with Michele Lopes.

Short LifeVantage ABC Primetime Report & Vitality Stack:

Biohacking the Aging Code! Biohacking is taking control of your own complex biology in order to achieve desired and transformative outcomes. LifeVantage has biohacking products backed by real science.

Lyme Health Journey & Biohacking Protocol:

Amy Holmwood shares her personal journey with Lyme disease.

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